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Analgesic therapies

Analgesic therapy is a specialist service aimed at relieving the patient of painful symptoms.
Pain can be acute or chronic, cancerous or not.
There are pharmacological, physiotherapeutic or invasive type therapies.


In medicine, especially in orthopaedics, infiltrations (infiltrative therapy) are defined as drug injections (such as hyaluronic acid, local anaesthetics, cortisone, etc.) or biological solutions such as, for example, platelet growth factors or stem cells.

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Analgesic mesotherapy

Mesotherapy, also called Intra Dermal Therapy (IDT), is a drug therapy consisting in the administration of minimal doses of drugs to a skin layer called dermis. Read more


It is not possible to provide a detailed index of the acupuncture pathologies and the therapeutic results obtained in each of them, since it is often the condition of the individual patients and their physiological recovery capabilities to determine the results of therapy, the effects of which at times can be definitive or only partial or disappointing.

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