ALTER G ® Anti-Gravity Treadmill®

The anti-gravity treadmill Alter-G ® M320, developed at NASA, allows you to uniformly and comfortably apply a lifting force to a patient’s body.

By lightening the body up to 80% of its weight, thanks to the change in pressure to the inside air, Alter-G ® allows patients or athletes to walk and run respecting their motor patterns without compromising the biomechanics of the eccentric movement.

alter g m 320

Alter-G ® M320 with a precise control of the air pressure (DAP – Differential Air Pressure) improves the aerobic conditioning activities without increasing the risk of stress injury.

This technology allows to:

  • Recover stress fractures of bone structures subject to overuse.

  • Facilitate the recovery of gait control in patients suffering from STROKE or comatose states.

  • Facilitate functional recovery of joints in patients undergoing reconstructive surgery on the lower limbs.

  • Lose weight without damaging joints.