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Controlled workouts

  • Control of up to 16 ergometers or treadmills

  • Possibility of registration of new patients even during a training session.

  • Patient database and integrated analysis.

  • Continuous display of the main data of all patients

  • Ability to access any additional information, at any time, relating to a patient (even during a training session).

  • Patient data management, diagnosis, previous examinations.

  • ECG telemetry.

  • Previously stored training sessions.

  • Comparison with other training sessions of the same patient.

  • Acquisition of the patient’s complete diagnosis in order to enable the optimal creation, monitoring and adaptation of the individual training protocols.

  • Possibility for the operator to change the training parameters at any time

  • Group exercise (all patients start at the same time)

  • Individual training (patients undergoing training at a specific time and for a required period)

  • Possibility of an immediate print out, at any time, during the ECG of a patient.

  • Complete individual training protocols for each patient, such as:

    • Constant load.
    • Constant Heart Rate (the software adjusts the ergometer load so that the patient’s heart rate is constantly maintained at a defined level).
    • Training at programmable intervals.
    • Definition of the default warm up and rest phases
  • Quality assurance

    • Detailed documentation of the complete training session
    • Storage of all the data recorded during the training session.
    • Full-disclosure ECG monitoring (ECG of all patients and all training sessions are stored).