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Hyperthermia is the only Endogenous Thermotherapy that, using a specific frequency of electromagnetic waves (Radiative Diathermy), allows a focused, deep and controlled action by measuring and controlling the temperature, intensity and depth of treatment. It is conveniently applied in the treatment of locomotor system diseases.

Control and adaptation of hyperthermic stimulation are used to activate the known biological effects of heat: increase of local blood flow, increase of metabolic exchanges and oxygen supply, removal of catabolites and exudates, decrease in the discharge rate of pain receptors, increased extensibility of collagen and muscle contractile efficiency, reduction of muscle spasm and inflammatory infiltrates, decreased edema.


Hyperthermia also allows to obtain an adequate phenomenon of cell killing that, by causing necrosis of the damaged cells or cells suffering any traumatic or pathogenic damage, causes the release of chemotactic substances and growth-factors that represent a powerful regenerative and reconstructive stimulus.

This method is used in the following phases: