The IRR Rehabilitations Institute opening hours: from Monday to Friday from 8:00 to 20:00


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Collaborating Centre of the International Federation of Sports Medicine

IRR is a new Rehabilitation Institute in more than 2,200 square meters of new architectural design, featuring a salt water indoor rehabilitation swimming pool, an outdoor running track (on the roof of the Institute) and advanced technologies in the field of rehabilitation and physiotherapy.

The Institute has been accredited by the International Federation of Sports Medicine with the prestigious international certification as “Collaborating Center” together with only other 4 institutes in Italy.


The team of professionals who accompanies patients in their rehabilitation program consists of Physiatry and Orthopaedic doctors, Cardiologists, Neurologists, Urologists, qualified Sports Medics and Physiotherapists trained in the use of the latest state of the art technologies available on the market.

The IRR Rehabilitations Institute features ultra-modern clinics for Sports Medicine and it proposes an integrated Rehabilitation model that ranges from the field of orthopaedics to cardiovascular, urological, neurological, ENT, etc.

The new rehabilitative model adopted by the IRR goes beyond the concept of recovery of a single altered function and sees the patient as a whole (e.g. patients who breathe better, who eat better, in case of trauma or loss of motor function, can recover more quickly and achieve better performances compared to the current standards).

In addition, technology is widely used both in robotics and in tele-rehabilitation: the recovery timing and methods are completely revolutionized.


The IRR Institute of Rehabilitation, part of the CIDIMU Group, thanks to the study and research activity of its Doctors and a policy of investment in the most advanced technologies, has achieved, over the years, a universally recognized excellence in diagnostic field, in the rehabilitation field and in the treatment and preparation of athletes.


The IRR Institute proposes an Integrated Rehabilitation model that ranges from the orthopedic field to the cardiovascular, urological, neurological, otorhinolaryngological, etc…

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The sports medicine institute presents professionalism and innovation, to respond to the main medical needs, preventive and rehabilitative of those who practice sports, at all levels…


The IRR institute is also a diagnostic center with excellent doctors, always attentive to the patient’s needs and able to provide precise and reliable diagnostics ..


At the IRR Institute of Rehabilitation there is a state-of-the-art eye center where it is possible to carry out both in-depth eye examinations and specialized diagnostic tests …


Aesthetic Medicine is aimed at the prevention and medical treatment of blemishes and dysmorphisms and their causes, at the pursuit of the psycho-physical well-being of the individual, at the prevention ..


The IRR Institute has two new surgical rooms where complex outpatient surgery will be performed..