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In medicine, especially in orthopaedics, infiltrations (infiltrative therapy) are defined as drug injections (such as hyaluronic acid, local anaesthetics, cortisone, etc.) or biological solutions such as, for example, platelet growth factors or stem cells.


In the orthopaedic field, we can define the following types of infiltration:

Types of Infiltrations

In the first case, the medicament solution is injected internally into the joint, while in the latter, the drug is inoculated into a site adjacent to the joint.

The main indications for infiltration therapy are related to joint disorders (e.g. arthrosis or non-infectious arthritis, chondropathies, etc.) and pathologies relating to periarticular structures and soft tissues (bursitis, capsulitis, enthesopathies, fasciitis, fibrositis, peritendinitis, root syndromes, tendinitis, tenosynovitis, etc.).