Ultrasound or ecotomography is a medical diagnostic investigation system that does not use ionizing radiation, but ultrasounds and it is based on the principle of echo emission and transmission of ultrasound waves. This method is considered as a basic or filter exam compared to more complex Imaging techniques.

In the IRR Institute we have excellent doctors, always attentive to the patient’s needs and able to provide precise and reliable diagnostics, with the help, where necessary, of the exclusive technologies we are equipped with.

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In support of clinical activity, tests are often performed, such as:

  • Skeletal Muscle Ultrasound

  • Lower abdomen ultrasound (uterus and annexes, bladder, prostate, suprapubic)

  • Upper abdomen ultrasound (liver and bile ducts, pancreas, spleen, kidney, great vessels, etc.)

  • Upper and lower abdomen ultrasound (full examination)

  • Breast ultrasound

  • Soft tissue ultrasound

  • Brain ultrasonography

  • Single lymph node station Ultrasound

  • Partial chest ultrasound

  • Liver ultrasound with elastography

  • Bilateral salivary gland ultrasound

  • Intestinal ultrasound

  • Thyroid ultrasound

  • Scrotal ultrasound