Pressotherapy is a treatment aimed at improving the circulatory and the lymphatic system’s functioning.
The better functioning of the circulatory and the lymphatic system supports the natural elimination processes from the body of the toxic substances circulating within it.


Causing pain and swelling, lymphoedema can be congenital or acquired during life. Among the causes of acquired lymphoedema are surgical operations (post-surgical lymphoedema).



Pressotherapy is useful for patients affected by lymphoedema because it is able to relieve the painful symptoms and the swelling. Pressotherapy, associated with MLD – Manual Lymphatic Drainage, is the best treatment choice for the treatment of lymphoedema of any origin and size.

  • Reduce water retention, induced by a lymphoedema condition in the lower limbs. Lymphoedema is a lymph stasis in one or more human body parts.

  • Redefine the physiognomy of some parts of the body, especially the legs.

  • Encourage the elimination of toxic substances from the body.

  • Facilitate the slimming of specific parts of the body, usually the legs. In these circumstances, it is essential to combine the action of pressotherapy with adequate physical activity and a proper diet.

  • Reduce traumatic edema.

  • Fight the blemishes of cellulite.