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TREATMENT OF psoriasi e vitiligine

The Excimer system (EXIMAL) produces UV at 308 nm, using xenon chloride as the source; it induces the apoptosis of T cells, it improves pigmentation synthesis and is therefore effective on many skin diseases. It is considered as the most effective way to treat vitiligo, psoriasis and other skin diseases without the use of systemic drugs, because of the excellent clinical response, the short duration of the treatment cycle and the minimal contraindications.


The light source of Eximal is a molecule made up of atoms of chlorine and xenon, under the effect of an electric field: as the chlorine atom accepts an electron from the atom of xenon, the unstable combination produces a single frequency UV light.


International studies have evaluated this device as being particularly effective for skin phototypes III-IV.
Psoriasis: 81% of the patients achieved a reduction of over 74% of the lesions in less than 10 sessions, 55% of the patients achieved a reduction of over 92% of the lesions in less than 10 sessions.

Vitiligo: international research has rated this device as highly effective. The recovery of pigmentation is accelerated within a short treatment cycle, without complications and with no side effects.